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Ain’t no mountain high enough?


Wojtek Karkowski

Wojtek "OXS" Karkowski - for me Pilsko is the best! 

Wojtek "OXS" Karkowski - for me Pilsko is the best! 

"The Polish-Slovak border runs across the top of Pilsko (1,557 m). Its peak is a popular vantage point with a wide panorama of Western Beskids (Beskidy Zachodnie), Tatras and Slovak mountains. If the weather is good, there is a chance to get a glimpse of eastern Sudetes. Northern slopes of Pilsko massif are popular in winter among snowboarders. Why? 

Because Pilsko offers wild, untouched by human presence forests and clearings – a perfect place to go freeriding. The winter of 2017 on Pilsko was exceptional in every respect. It began as early as in December of the previous year and finished almost in May. At the end we got a huge delivery of fresh snow.

"The winter of 2017 began in December of the previous year and finished in May"

During few months a lot had happened. We had noted the biggest snowfall for five years. Snow flakes were falling day by day, for several weeks. The wind was breaking trees, the frost was unearthly, sometimes the sky cleared and the sun came out – a true climatic rollercoaster. Everyone found something for himself/herself.

Pilsko has be enrapturing me from my childhood and I’m sure that I will never get bored of it. It always surprises me with something new. It’s good to have such a magical mountain almost under your nose and enjoy it everyday, surfing from the top wherever you can.

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