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Katarzyna Lange on her way to kiteboarders’ paradise.

Katarzyna Lange on her way to kiteboarders’ paradise.

September in Poland. End of the season, windy and sunny. Everyone is packing their campers, putting barbeques and wetsuit hangers in for the next summer. I kite more frequently, with more space at the bay. September is awesome, but day by day it’s getting colder. And then comes the day for me to pack. Getting my kites, board, sun blockers, and fresh bikini set, for my annual Brazil trip!

There’s no better place to be from October till December. Flight passes fast and here I am – Fortaleza, Brazil. The flag at the airport always welcomes me happily. 30 degrees, 25-30 knots. 

I forgot about home in one minute. Constant rumble of palm trees wakes me up at 6 am for morning yoga, quick email-check and after tasty Brazilian-style breakfast it’s time to kite! Here starts the kingdom... Wind in my hair, board tied up, well pumped kite, warm water – a kiteboarder doesn’t need much more. The story starts from the first water touch. Imagine your best session ever, and then possibility of repeating it everyday. That’s the clue of Brazil’s trainings. Everyday  you progress more, the same conditions and variety of riding waves and lagoons make Brazil incredibly good kiteboarding destination. For a starter, a short edit from one day at the lagoon.

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