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Enjoy as many days as possible in the snow and enjoy the maximum enjoyment!


peter podlogar
snowboard star

Peter Podlogar: "Enjoy as many days as possible in the snow and enjoy the maximum enjoyment!"


Peter Podlogar: "Enjoy as many days as possible in the snow and enjoy the maximum enjoyment!"


While free-riding snowboarders and snowboarders will compete in the World Cup after September's "slope style & half pipe" introduction to New Zealand in the weekend in Milan for the first time in the season, also in big air jumps, their colleagues and colleagues who begin the season in the European Cup have to endure a little longer. With the match in the snow park, the European Cup will start on 23.11. in Landgraaf, the Netherlands. After the introduction to the snowy hall, the freestyle caravan of the European Cup moves to the Austrian Kaunertal, where the race will be played on the 25th and 26th of November in a snow park and free-style jumps. Among the performers, there will be 23-year-old Blejec Peter Podlogar, who won an excellent third place last year in the overall sum of the European Cup in the snow park.

When are you again in the snow?

Soon. We are waiting for a nice weather. With a representative team led by coach Domen Bizjak, we plan to leave for the Stubai Glacier in Tyrol, where we will have our last training before the first European Cup season matches. In the meantime, I practice in Bled and I study at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana.

It was also very hot in summer.

It's true. In the summer I have been avoiding snowboarding, I devoted myself to other sports, preparing for winter. This year, however, I returned to the snow at the end of August in Zermatt, Switzerland, where we gathered snowmobiling riders who equip us with the Polish Nobile Snowboards. We were working in the park there and were at the same time available to photographers who, in a wonderful environment with exceptional views of the highest peaks in Europe, performed “photo-shooting" for the equipment catalog that will be available this season. Since it smells after winter, I invite you to check!

How about wrist injury? The past? Has it been rehabilitated?

Almost. Due to the fall in the penultimate game last season for the European Cup in March in Bulgaria, I have "lost" the spring surfing, which is due to the warm atmosphere and soft snow cover especially in the heart. Rehabilitation was initially planned according to the plan, but later, due to rapid progress, I may have begun to start too fast with full load, which resulted in repeated problems. But now I am almost 100% again. After the early autumn snowboarding in Spain and the October snow preparation in the Austrian Hintertux, I am ready for a new season. 

Last year, in addition to the third place in the total of the European Cup slopestyle, the performance was also marked at the University.

The 28th Winter University in Kazakhstan was a wonderful experience for me. The event was well organised, including my ranking (slopestyle, 11th place, big air, 5th place, opp) were solid. As a result, the previous season was successful for me, but it was also marked by the already mentioned wound injury.

What are the plans for the upcoming season?

They are the same before each winter: to spend as much days in the snow as possible and to enjoy the maximum enjoyment! Consequently, even better results will be achieved in the competitions. In addition to competitions, this year I will focus more on projects of my personal sponsors, snowshoeing, which is also a great challenge for snowboarders in the free style.

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