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In Search of perfect spot. Greece with NHP SPLIT


#split #kiteboarding

Greece is a fun adventure. The place, the people, the kite spots are wonderful. Its really one of my favourite travel destinations! The Greek native people are humble and their hospitality is just amazing. They treat you like one more of their family and make you feel like home.

Me and Mutek ( Michał „Mutek“ Zieliński, Camcraft Studio) where traveling around Greece in the search of wind and beautiful locations. Inicially, we were not very lucky, but after a while we succeeded. We first went some days to the Drepano spot and than from that location to Tsimari. It is around one hours drive from Drepano. Its a place lost in nature with the best wind conditions in Greece. But actually you never know when its gonna work out to make your session. You just stay there to spend the day, go fishing, and than go kiting in the afternoon when the thermal rises. In the evening we prepared a big fire with some friends, grill fish, have some beers...its very chill.

From there we traveled to Raches and some other spots, a 3 hours drive from Drepano. Raches is a tiny beautiful village with a little flat spot and thermal constant wind, perfect for freestyle and kite around.

I had so much fun with the splitboard NHP. It’s an around board that you can split for easy traveling and free traveling bag!


Next year I will definitely come back for shore!

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