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NOBILE snowboards went to Olympics


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For the first time in history of the Winter Olympics snowboarders competing in the parallel giant slalom in PyeongChang (South Korea) raced on snowboards of Polish NOBILE brand.

For the first time in history of the Winter Olympics snowboarders competing in the parallel giant slalom in PyeongChang (South Korea) raced on snowboards of Polish NOBILE brand. It was an unprecedented event for the whole Polish sports industry.

Nobile’s Race boards are light, durable and extremely stable during a ride – it’s the most advanced construction available on the market. Each of them is manufactured on special request, so it can be said that these boards are adjusted to individual preferences of given rider.

These boards were designed and manufactured in Bielsko-Biała’s NOBILE factory – NBL Sports, under the supervision of an outstanding R&D team, consisting of former Olympians and world champions headed by the legendary snowboarding coach – Stani Kulawik.
Only the best quality wood was used in the production process, while the board’s core was implemented with Titanal – the aluminium, zinc, magnesium, copper and zirconium alloy, designed by Austria AG Metal company. It is characterized by great durability. The secret lies in the patented NOBILE solution – the APS Core Technology, owing to which the boards from Bielsko-Biała are extremely stable during the ride with highest speeds.

“Riding on the snowboard edge means a huge adrenaline dose. When you race down the slope with a great speed and in every moment you keep a full control over your riding track, you feel inexpressible strength and power. This feeling can be compared only to wingsuit jumps or driving a F1 racing car” – commented Stani Kulawik, the coach of German National Team and the main constructor of NOBILE board. 

“The start of competitors riding the NOBILE boards is an inexpressible satisfaction and the coping stone of many people’s hard work. I raced during the Winter Olympics in Nagano and had no opportunity to use our board, but I’m sure my result would have been much better if I did so” – said Małgorzata Rosiak-Brawańska, CEO of NOBILE SPORTS. 

NOBILE is the leader

Rosiak family business is one of the fastest-developing sports brands in the world. Its founder Dariusz Rosiak was the first chairman of Polish Snowboard Association and multiple National Championships medallist. Then an idea was born to launch his own boards production and the Nobile factory was opened in 1994. Manufactured boards were so good that first Burton decided to move its production to Bielsko-Biała, and then almost fifty well-known and highly-valued brands from all over the world followed their steps. Today Nobile Sports headed by Małgorzata Rosiak-Brawańska, Nagano Olympian and Europe/World Championships medallist offers skis, snowboards, wakeboards and full assortment of kiteboarding equipment – in this latest discipline Nobile has been acknowledged the third brand on the global market. It’s worth to add that Nobile board dedicated to snowkite – RC2000 – has been awarded with a title of the world’s best. Nobile Sports as the first producer ever offers the best split-type kiteboards. While searching for another challenges, Nobile remains a serious player in the hydrofoil sector where it has designed a split-type set as well.

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