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Sports Foil

Windmagedon 2018



Last Saturday, after some weeks of awaiting, we were able to run Windmagedon 2018– the first such event in Poland, created from passion, by enthusiasts and combining two twin disciplines and environments: Kite and Windsurfing.


   It was fun to see so many surfing freaks, spot friends, young and older competitors and amateurs at the end of October in Kuźnica. Special congratulations to the youngest members of Kite SurfAcademy, including Oskar Zawadowicz, Kuba Balewicz and Marcel Stępniewskifor “taking up the gauntlet” and participating in race despite of difficult conditions – that’s how your characters are being shaped. Unfortunately, we missed Academy girls this time...


   High praise due to the organizers: Maciek Dziemiańczukand Paweł Kowalskifor their major commitment and making the history of Polish kite&wind surfing. We can’t forget to thank Edward Konkelfor his hospitality. I think we slightly prolonged the season in Kuźnica. Przetwórnia[„Processing Plant”], although theoretically closed, served as competition office perfectly. This time I managed to win Windmagedon in the Kite discipline, but I have to admit without false modesty that it wasn’t an easy victory. Rivals pushed hard, especially Kuba Speedy Jurkowski Sportowiecset the high pace, while remaining dangerous competitors, such as Michał Fedusio,Przemek Miarczyńskior JJ Splawikjust gave me a handicap. Due to the high amounts of grass in the water there weren’t perfect conditions for foil but... they were equal for everyone. I keep my fingers crossed and already train for the next, this time spring Windmagedon, of course on foil.

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